Edible Flowers

Our variety of Edible Flowers is unsurpassed with its gorgeous pansies, vibrant violas, romantic roses, aromatic herb flowers, savory veggie flowers and so much more.Our Flowers come in various counts, such as 25, 50, and 100. (The count is the number of the individual flowers per container.) Some of our Flowers are seasonal, we are constantly updating our inventory, please check back later if something is currently unavailable.

Flower Alyssum Purple 50 Ct Flower Arugula Blossom 100 Ct Flower Basil Blossom
Flower Alyssum Purple 50 CtFlower Arugula Blossom 100 CtFlower Basil Blossom

Beautiful shades of purple. Sweet, fresh smell of springtime. Tiny flowers, delicate in appearance with green stems attached. 50 Count.

Cream colored 5 petaled blossoms, nutty flavor. 100 Count.

Purple, lavender, white; Intense basil flavor. Sweet, fresh herb aroma.      25 or 50 Count.

Flower Bachelor Button Flower Bean 50 Ct Flower Begonia Mix 50 Ct
Flower Bachelor ButtonFlower Bean 50 CtFlower Begonia Mix 50 Ct

Gorgeous shades of blues, pinks, and purples. 25 or 50 Count.

Mix of bright purple, vibrant orange & soft white beauties with a nice bean flavor. 50 Count.

Currently Unavailable. 

Flower Borage Blossom 100 Ct Flower Broccoli Blossom 100 Ct Flower Buzz Buttons™ 50 Ct
Flower Borage Blossom 100 CtFlower Broccoli Blossom 100 CtFlower Buzz Buttons™ 50 Ct

Bright, Beautiful & Blue! Star-shaped blossoms; cucumber flavor. 100 Ct.

Pure white 4 petaled small delicate looking flowers with a yellow center. Mild broccoli taste. 

Vibrant yellow; cone shape. Citrus flavor; tingly sensation. 50 Ct.*Buy 3 Get 1 Free*

Flower Calendula 50 Ct Flower Cilantro Blossom 50 Ct Flower Cosmos Mix 50 Ct
Flower Calendula 50 CtFlower Cilantro Blossom 50 CtFlower Cosmos Mix 50 Ct

Brilliant orange and yellow large flowers; Mild flavor with a touch of tartness. 50 Count.

Currently Unavailable.

Colorful array of pink, purple & white tones, mild flavor. 50 Count.

Flower Cucumber Blossom 50 Ct Flower Dill Blossom 50 Ct Flower Fava Bean Blossom 50 Ct
Flower Cucumber Blossom 50 CtFlower Dill Blossom 50 CtFlower Fava Bean Blossom 50 Ct

Gorgeous, bright, small 5 petaled yellow blossoms; fresh cucumber taste. 50 Ct.

Dark green stems with bright yellow tiny blossoms. Strong dill taste. 50 Count.

Bright magenta color; Fava bean flavor. 50 Count.

Flower Fennel Blossom 50 Ct Flower Firestix™ 100 Ct Flower Firestix™ Mix 100 Ct
Flower Fennel Blossom 50 CtFlower Firestix™ 100 CtFlower Firestix™ Mix 100 Ct

Sweet & strong anise flavored, tiny yellow flowers with bright green stems. 50 Count.

Fiery bright red spears & stems; Beautiful & vibrant addition to cocktails. 100 Ct.

Colorful, bright mix of red, yellow, orange, & majenta flower spheres that resemble flames! Mild corn taste. 100 Ct

Flower Fuchsia Blossoms 50 Ct Flower Garlic 50 Ct Flower Hibiscus 50 Ct
Flower Fuchsia Blossoms 50 CtFlower Garlic 50 CtFlower Hibiscus 50 Ct

 Lovely shades of pink, purple & fuchsia. Crunchy & juicy with a hint of tang. 50 Count.

Pretty purple, small 5-petated flowers. Garlic aroma and flavor! Season: May-Oct. 50 Count.

Mixture of colors including pink, red, orange, yellow & white. Mild, tart flavor. 50 Count.

Flower Lavender Flower Marigold Flower Micro Dianthus™
Flower LavenderFlower MarigoldFlower Micro Dianthus™

Currently Unavailable.

Gorgeous, vibrant yellow, orange, and red flowers; Tangy, citrus flavor. 25 or 50 Count.

Bright colors of red & majenta. Strong tart flavor. 200 Count.

Flower Micro Firestix™ Flower Micro Marigold™ Flower Micro Marigold Floret™
Flower Micro Firestix™Flower Micro Marigold™Flower Micro Marigold Floret™

Mix of red, yellow, orange; tiny petals,mild corn taste. 100 Count.

Bright yellow and orange small 5 petaled flowers. Citrus flavor. 200 Ct.

Bright yellow & orange. Citrus flavor. 200 Count.

Flower Micro Orchid™ Flower Micro Pepper Flower Purple™ Flower Micro Star Flower™
Flower Micro Orchid™Flower Micro Pepper Flower Purple™Flower Micro Star Flower™

These tiny gems boast vibrant colors of orange, yellow, purple & pink! 100 Ct.

Beautiful dark purple colored 6-7 petaled gems. Mild, sweet bell pepper taste. 100 Ct.

Micro sized, 5-petaled red and pink flowers shaped like stars. 200 Count.

Flower Micro Sun Daisy™ Flower Micro White Mum™ Flower Mint Lavender 50 Ct
Flower Micro Sun Daisy™Flower Micro White Mum™Flower Mint Lavender 50 Ct

Vibrant yellow tiny 5-petaled flowers resembling daisies with a mild flavor. 200 Count.

Small off-white flowers with a yellow center resembling chrysanthemums.

Beautiful, light purple small flowers on bright green stems. Fresh Mint flavor and aroma. 50 Count.


Flower Mum Assortment 50 Ct Flower Mustard 100 Ct Flower Nasturtium
Flower Mum Assortment 50 CtFlower Mustard 100 CtFlower Nasturtium

Brilliantly colored assortment of red, pink, white & green mums. 50 Count.

Vivid yellow, tiny 5 petaled flowers; Mild mustard taste. 100 Count.

Orange, yellow, and red; Peppery spiciness. 25 or 50 Count.

Flower Orchid Mix 25 Ct Flower Petite Orchid Lavender Shades 25 Ct Flower Orchid Pastel Lavender/White
Flower Orchid Mix 25 CtFlower Petite Orchid Lavender Shades 25 CtFlower Orchid Pastel Lavender/White

Gorgeous Assortment of colors; Purples, Lavenders, Whites, Yellows. 25 Ct.

Lovely, Petite-sized orchid in lavender shades. 25 Ct.

Gorgeous, pastel pinkish, lavender & white flowers. 25 Count

Flower Oyster Blossom 50 Ct Flower Pansy Mix Flower Pansy Fall Colors Mix
Flower Oyster Blossom 50 CtFlower Pansy MixFlower Pansy Fall Colors Mix

Tiny light blue flowers on stems with a fresh, real oyster taste! 50 Count.

Purple, blue, yellow, red, orange colors. Grassy,tart flavor. 50 Ct. Buy 3 Get 1 Free! 

Beautiful colors of Fall: Yellows, Oranges & Reds. 50 Count.

Flower Pansy Pastel Mix 50 Ct Flower Pea 50 Ct Flower Radish 100 Ct
Flower Pansy Pastel Mix 50 CtFlower Pea 50 CtFlower Radish 100 Ct

All pretty Pastel colors! Gentle Pinks, Periwinkles, and Yellows. 50 Count.

Purple or White Color, Fresh Pea flavor. 50 Count.

5-petaled small flowers with a kick of radish flavor! Light purple & white. 100 Count.

Flower Rose Assorted 25 Ct Flower Rose Petals Mix 2 oz Flower Rose Red 25 Ct
Flower Rose Assorted 25 CtFlower Rose Petals Mix 2 ozFlower Rose Red 25 Ct

Fabulous selection of colors including peach, lavender, pink, red, yellow, orange, purple. 25 Ct.

Beautiful array of fresh Edible Rose Petals; Pink, red, yellow, orange, lavender, purple and more. 2 Ounces.

Brilliant & bright red roses about 2" in diameter. 25 Count.

Flower Rose Petals Red 2oz Flower Rosemary Sprigs 50 Ct Flower Sage Blossom Pink™ 100 Ct
Flower Rose Petals Red 2ozFlower Rosemary Sprigs 50 CtFlower Sage Blossom Pink™ 100 Ct

Bright, pure red rose petals. Mildly sweet flavor with a great floral fragrance. 2 Ounces (Typically 250 petals)

4" Sprigs of Rosemary with tiny light blue blossoms. Intense Rosemary flavor & aroma. 50 Count.

Pretty, pink flowers with white ends.

Flower Shiso Blossoms 50 Ct Flower Snapdragon Flower Sparklers™ 50 Ct
Flower Shiso Blossoms 50 CtFlower SnapdragonFlower Sparklers™ 50 Ct

4" long sprigs white flowers with green leaves/stems, dark purple flowers with matching leaves/stem. 50 Ct.

Beautiful spectrum of red, yellow, pink, & white flowers with a tart flavor. 25 or 50 Count.

Pretty deep rose-colored, fan-shaped plumes; Versatile addition to signature cocktails. 50 Count.

Flower Squash Blossom 25 Ct Flower Squash Blossom with Zucchini 25 Ct Flower Viola 50 Ct
Flower Squash Blossom 25 CtFlower Squash Blossom with Zucchini 25 CtFlower Viola 50 Ct

 Bright yellow flowers with a sweet, mild zucchini flavor. 25 Count.

 Bright yellow flowers with small zucchini attached. Fresh zucchini flavor. 25 Count.

Blue, purple, yellow, and orange; Mild, tart flavor. 50 Count.

Flower Viola Bi-Color Mix 50 Ct Flower Viola Pastels Mix 50 Ct Flower Micro Premium Flowers Blend™
Flower Viola Bi-Color Mix 50 CtFlower Viola Pastels Mix 50 CtFlower Micro Premium Flowers Blend™

Gorgeous 2 colored fancy flowers. Mild taste with a hint of tartness. 50 Count

Pretty Soft Pastels Mix. 50 Count

Blend of Micro-sized flowers; Fantastic array of colors and textures; Perfect on cupcakes, sorbets and dessert parfaits. 200 Ct.

Flower Premium Confetti 3 Ounces Flower Premium Fall Flowers Mix Flower Premium Flowers Assortment
Flower Premium Confetti 3 OuncesFlower Premium Fall Flowers MixFlower Premium Flowers Assortment

Wonderful mixture of flower petals; Colors of orange, yellow, red, pink, lavender and more! 3 Ounces.

Colors of Fall: Oranges, Reds, Yellows, Whites. Nasturtiums, Mums, Calendulas, Firestix, Snapdragons & Marigolds. 50 Count

Red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, white, pink, & lavender; Variety of flavors, from sweet to citrusy, tangy & spicy. (75-100 Ct)

Flower Herb Flowers Mix 50 Ct
Flower Herb Flowers Mix 50 Ct

Beautiful, aromatic and extremely flavorful herb flowers mix; Basil, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary and more. 50 Count.