Our Microgreens are vibrant an flavorful. Use them to elevate your next dish. 

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Micro Amaranth Red Micro Arugula Micro Asian Mix™
Micro Amaranth RedMicro ArugulaMicro Asian Mix™

Bright Red leaves; Mild corn flavor. 

Bright green heart shaped leaves; Spicy & nutty flavor.

Mixture of Shisos, Mustards, Radish Ruby, Shungiku & More.

Micro Basil Italian Micro Basil Lemon Micro Basil Mix™
Micro Basil ItalianMicro Basil LemonMicro Basil Mix™

Intense, green leaves; Amazingly aromatic, fresh basil flavor.

Attractive, light green color. Amazingly fresh flavors of basil and citrus.

Combination of 9 different Basils. Flavors of anise, cinnamon, clove, Italian, nutmeg, lemon and more.

Micro Basil Opal Micro Bull's Blood Micro Carrot Top
Micro Basil OpalMicro Bull's BloodMicro Carrot Top

Beautiful purple color. Fresh basil and clove flavor. Wonderful for adding color to entrees and desserts.

Colorful Red & green leaves. Great Beet flavor.

Frilly green leaves; delicate and classy look. Yummy sweet & earthy carrot flavor goes with nearly any entree.

Micro Celery Micro Chard Mix Micro Chef's Blend
Micro CeleryMicro Chard MixMicro Chef's Blend

Frilly green; Fresh celery flavor.

Brilliant colors; bright green leaves with yellow & red stems. 

Fantastic combination of 15-20 Greens and herbs.; Topped by colorful edible flower petals.

Micro Chervil Micro Chives Micro Cilantro
Micro ChervilMicro ChivesMicro Cilantro

Frilly leaf; Licorice flavor!

Needle-like, thin green leaves with tiny edible black seeds attached. Fresh chive/onion flavor. 

Shiny, thin, smooth green leaves; Intense cilantro flavor.

Micro Citrus Mix™ Micro Cress Pepper Micro Fennel
Micro Citrus Mix™Micro Cress PepperMicro Fennel

Appealing combo of herbs & greens with different textures and a splash of red. Fresh flavors of lemon, lime, & tangerine.

Thin, curly, small green leaves. Nice peppery spice. 

 Thin & long frilly green leaves. Sweet & earthy licorice flavor.

Micro Fines Herbes Mix™ Micro Harvest Mix™ Micro Hearts on Fire™
Micro Fines Herbes Mix™ Micro Harvest Mix™Micro Hearts on Fire™

Classic French Herb Mix: Micros Chervil, Parsley, French Tarragon & Amaranth.

Green, red, purple leaves with different textures. Flavors range from citrusy to spicy to herbaceous.

 Small heart-shaped leaf with red veins and citrus flavor

Micro Kale Mix™ Micro Merlot Mix™ Micro Mint Royale™
Micro Kale Mix™Micro Merlot Mix™Micro Mint Royale™

A mixture of a few different types of kale & cabbage. Super nutritious micro mix! Earthy & slightly bitter taste.

A colorful combination of all of our Red colored Microgreens.

Formerly known as Micro Arrow Mint

Micro Mint Micro Mint Lavender™ Micro Mirepoix Mix™
Micro MintMicro Mint Lavender™Micro Mirepoix Mix™

Deep green leaves. Strong, fresh taste of spearmint. Perfect garnish and flavor addition to all kinds of desserts.

Essence of Sweet Mint; Naturally Aromatic; Perfect Addition to Meats...

Our Mirepoix Mix is a microgreen version of the classic carrot, onion & celery combination. Bright green colors. 

Micro Mustard Dijon™ Micro Mustard Red Micro Parsley Italian
Micro Mustard Dijon™Micro Mustard RedMicro Parsley Italian

Attractive micro with light green leaves and a snappy personality. Tastes like spicy Mustard!


Dark green and maroon leaves with a strong mustard taste.

Tiny and beautiful flat leafed parsley. Fresh parsley flavor and fragrance. 

Micro Pea Green Micro Radish Ruby Mix™ Micro Sea Beans™
Micro Pea GreenMicro Radish Ruby Mix™Micro Sea Beans™

Lovely, round green leaves with a fresh Spring pea taste.

A mix of Radish Ruby and Radish Green


Thin succulent dark green leaves. Mild salty juicy flavor.

Micro Shiso Red Micro Tangerine Lace™ Micro Wasabi™
Micro Shiso RedMicro Tangerine Lace™Micro Wasabi™

Delicate and attractive dark reddish-green leaves. Subtle shiso flavor. Beautiful garnish for sushi!


 Beautiful feathery green leaves. Amazing and surprising tangerine flavor!

Green leaves; Spicy, wasabi mustard flavor 

Micro Cress Water MicroGreen Asian Assortment MicroGreen Assortment
Micro Cress WaterMicroGreen Asian AssortmentMicroGreen Assortment

Rich, green, shiny circular leaves; Perfect for seafood dishes.

Assortment of 6; Fantastic for Asian cuisine 2 oz paks

Assortment of 6 MicroGreens; Great Sampling - 2 oz paks

MicroGreen Herb Assortment
MicroGreen Herb Assortment

Assortment of 6 Micro Herbs          2 oz paks