Our PetiteGreens™ are the next step up from Microgreens. More mature than Microgreens, Petitegreens have more intense flavors, are double the size, and are great for creating beautiful side salads or making fresh herb sauces. They can also be used to mix in salads, top pasta, meats, seafood, soups and more. Especially unique with their different textures, colors and delicious flavors. Long lasting Petites hold up great when dressed with vinaigrettes.


Amaranth Carnival Mix Tops™ 50 Count Petite Amaranth Red Petite Arugula™
Amaranth Carnival Mix Tops™ 50 CountPetite Amaranth RedPetite Arugula™

 Pink, orange, red and yellow colors as well as a delicious corn flavor        50 Count

Colorful dark & bright red oval shaped leaves. Mild corn taste.

Bright, green leaves with an unbeatable nutty flavor.

Petite Asian Mix™ Petite Basil Cinnamon™ Petite Basil Italian™
Petite Asian Mix™ Petite Basil Cinnamon™Petite Basil Italian™

Remarkable combination of Petite Asian greens, including shisos, mustards, mizuna, shungiku, mung, pak choy, & tatsoi 

Deep green aromatic leaves; Cinnamony smell and flavor; Wonderful on desserts, and fruity salads.


Authentic, flavorful, fragrant, and versatile;Accent fresh salads, soups, entrees, and more; Versatile accent  

Petite Basil Lemon™ Petite Basil Opal Petite Basil Mix™
Petite Basil Lemon™Petite Basil OpalPetite Basil Mix™

Beautiful light green color, citrus aroma & taste.

Beautiful dark purple leaves. Fresh & intense basil taste.

Great mixture of several different delicious basils. Aromatic, fresh flavors of anise, cinnamon, clove, Italian, nutmeg, and lemon.

Petite Beets Bull's Blood™ Petite Citrus Mix™ Petite Epazote
Petite Beets Bull's Blood™Petite Citrus Mix™Petite Epazote

Red & Green Petite sized Beet Tops with a fresh, sweet, earthy Beet flavor.

Strong Citrus Flavored Herbs; Basil Lemon, Mint Lemon, Sorrel, Tangerine Lace & more.

Unique, Latin Herb with a very strong, distinct taste. Long, green jagged edged leaves. 

Petite Fines Herbs Mix™ Petite Gourmet Seasons Mix™ Petite Hearts on Fire™
Petite Fines Herbs Mix™Petite Gourmet Seasons Mix™Petite Hearts on Fire™

 Classic French combination of fresh herbs, including chervil, chives, tarragon and parsley. 

Amazingly colorful, flavorful and versatile combination of petite sized herbs and greens.

Bold red veins on exotic green leaves. Intense citrus taste. Beautiful garnish for salads, meat, desserts.

Petite Iceplant™ Petite Lavender™ Petite Lemon Grass™
Petite Iceplant™Petite Lavender™Petite Lemon Grass™

Bright green leaves with shimmering water crystals and pink stems. Bite into a juicy burst of ocean water. 

Light greenish-grey soft leaves. Sweet lavender flavor, intensely aromatic. New, unique version of fresh lavender. 

Thin green grass-like leaves. Tart, tangy lemon flavor. 

Petite Licorice Mix™ Petite Mint Petite Mint Lemon™
Petite Licorice Mix™Petite MintPetite Mint Lemon™

A wonderful combination of anise flavored herbs and greens. Perfect flavor addition to salmon, shrimp, scallops and lamb entrees. 

Dark green leaves. Classic, strong Spearmint taste. 

Serrated green leaves with fantastic minty and lemony taste; Great on citrusy desserts.



Petite Mint Licorice Petite Mizuna Petite Mustard Green Frill™
Petite Mint LicoricePetite MizunaPetite Mustard Green Frill™

Vibrant Green heart shaped leaves with serrated edges. Intense Licorice and Mint flavor.

Japanese Mustard green with light green, long serrated leaves.

Wonderful frilly leaves and a delightfully spicy flavor  4 ounce

Petite Mustard Mix™ Petite Mustard Red Frill™ Petite Nasturtium Leaf™
Petite Mustard Mix™Petite Mustard Red Frill™Petite Nasturtium Leaf™

Rustic in appearance, robust in flavor. Great mixture of different types of mustards, red and green.

Frilly leaves with reddish tint and a strong mustard flavor.

Dark green round leaves that look similar to lily-pads; Peppery flavor,rich in Vitamin C; Fantastic bed for seafood  

Petite Ocean Mix™ Petite Pea Green™ Petite Primavera Mix™
Petite Ocean Mix™Petite Pea Green™Petite Primavera Mix™

Unique combination of sea related greens, such as sea beans, sea spinach, sea grass and more. Sea salt flavor.

Tender, Flavorful & Versatile.

Flavorful Mix of Fresh Greens; Herb-free; Lettuces, Pea Greens, Mache, Nasturtium Leaves

Petite Pumpkin Green™ Petite Rosemary™ Petite Sea Fennel™
Petite Pumpkin Green™Petite Rosemary™Petite Sea Fennel™

 A brand new form of Pumpkin! Savory pumpkin/squash flavor, pretty green leaves.

Shiny dark green, tender leaves. Strong Rosemary flavor; herbacious aroma.

 Unique looking green leaves. Anise and ginger flavor. Hearty and longlasting.

Petite Sea Grass™ Petite Shiso Mix Petite Sorrel Green Apple 100 Count
Petite Sea Grass™Petite Shiso MixPetite Sorrel Green Apple 100 Count

Grassy thin curly leaves with a salty taste & succulent texture.

Attractive combo of bright green & dark purple soft leaves. Delicate herb flavor. 

 Shiny green leaves with a tart, green apple taste. 100 Count

Petite Spinach Burgundy™ Petite Spinach Sweet Red™ Petite Stevia™
Petite Spinach Burgundy™Petite Spinach Sweet Red™Petite Stevia™

 Beautiful, bright burgandy/purple color. Great spinach taste. 

 Arrow shaped green leaves with red veins. Sweet and earthy spinach flavor. 

Natural sweetener; Sugar alternative; Sweeter than sugar! Sweeten cocktails, desserts, and savory sauces;  4 Ounce

Petite Tarragon Spanish™ Petite Thyme™ Petite Watercress Green™
Petite Tarragon Spanish™Petite Thyme™Petite Watercress Green™

Bright green leaves with a fresh licorice flavor. 

Tiny dark green leaves with lovely aroma; Spicy flavor; Tender leaves; Add to savory entrees.  4 Ounce 

  Aquatic leafy green circular leaves. Spicy and bitter taste.

Petite Watercress Pink Ice™ 100 Count Petite Watercress Red™ Petite Watercress White Angel™ 100 Count
Petite Watercress Pink Ice™ 100 CountPetite Watercress Red™Petite Watercress White Angel™ 100 Count

Light purple-ish pink shades; lime green stems. Fresh, spicy peppery kick. 100 Ct.

 Unique deep purple leaves with green veins and stems. Strong peppery flavor.

Brilliant white-edged green leaves with a peppery, nutty taste. 100 Count.


Petite Watercress Mix 100ct
Petite Watercress Mix 100ct

Wonderful, colorful mixture of our varigated Watercress leaves. 100 Count.